Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ho ho ho! Jingle Christmas bunting

I know its only the middle of November but I'm feeling very Christmassy at the moment. Maybe its the kids' excitement or maybe its total escapism from the unfolding disaster that seems to be Ireland these days but I'm keeping my eyes firmly on planning a warm and happy Christmas. I've even ordered my turkey already (well, it was on special offer if you ordered last week!) I'm ignoring the horrible weather and the dark and dreary evenings (which, incidently, make taking good photos practically impossible so I'm sorry the pictures in this post aren't better.) Last year I made some lovely handmade decorations and, to be honest, I've been looking forward all year to feeling justified in making more! It's probably obvious at this stage that I LOVE Christmas, and getting ready for it is probably the best part.

I ordered some lovely Christmas fabrics a few weeks ago and as soon as they arrived last week I started planning. My first project was this cheery festive Christmas bunting. I'm planning to hang this on the wooden pelmet over our kitchen window where I think it will look lovely. It will be facing the door directly, so it will be one of the first things we see when we come into the kitchen. I'm going to make a couple more smaller ones for the alcoves in our living room (I'm thinking "Peace" and "Joy") and a few friends have asked me to make them a set too. I love Christmas decorations which can be used year after year and have a little meaning to them and this certainly falls into that category. I hope that I will still be hanging this up in 20 years time, in the same way that my Mum still has decorations on her tree that we made as children.

I'm also going to try and do some mini bunting in the shapes of Christmas stockings or similar and some felt and fabric Christmas tree decorations. And I bought some candy canes in the shops this week so I must try and rustle up some little fabric hanging cones for them. I've seen a pattern for these but they are made with card/paper and I think I could do similar using some fabric and some very stiff interfacing.

This bunting has 8 flags, of which one on each end is left blank and the rest have letters sealed on which are made of felt. The full ribbon length is approx 225cm long, with the bunting flags spread across 155cm of that. Each flag is approx 16cm wide and 17cm long and is made of 100% cotton.


If you would like some of my Christmas bunting, please order before 1st December as all are made to order. This size, with 7-8 flags is €20. I will also do a smaller size with 5 or 6 flags for €17. Postage is at cost and I accept Paypal. Fabrics and ribbons may differ from this particular one.


Helen said...

Ok, I know this is getting ridiculous but I love your Christmas Decks! They are getting me in the Christmas spirit. So please, please, please will you make me a little JINGLE?

~~Tracey~~ said...

Adorable! Great job!

Helen said...

We received our gorgeous Christmas Bunting! Thank you so much, they are so colourful and vibrant. I know that we will look forward to putting them up every year and they will become a treasured family heirloom.

Unknown said...

just searching for ideas for bunting on the internet for 2013!!!! Yes, that's right. I need a year to prepare!!! Anyhoo I love yours and I am going to start collecting scraps etc to make some. Congrats on a lovely design.