Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday night entertainment

If you had asked me, eight, ten years ago what my ideal Friday night was, I can guarantee you it would not have involved any of the following:
1. Sitting in front of the fire in my own house with a glass of Rioja (after finishing the next 5 points!)
2. Sitting in front of a sewing machine sewing festive bunting
3. Diligently pre-washing newly arrived fabrics to eliminate colour runs and shrinkage
4. Playing with afore-mentioned fabrics to see what colour combos work best
5. Dreaming up new ideas for Christmas decorations I could make with the Christmas fabric scraps left from the bunting
6. Being actually quite pleased my Christmas party was cancelled due to bad weather so that I could catch up on orders.

Part of me wonders how I arrived at this point from my (infinitely wilder) 20s. Back then I would have greeted any suggestion of the above with hoots of derision. After all, I didn't even do Home Ec in first year in secondary school and had never come closer to a sewing machine than passing my sister's machine occasionally in her room. But I've posted before about how crafting brings a little magic into my life and this hobby (and now growing little business) is fundamental to me now. And the busy social life doesn't seem like such a big loss these days. Maybe it's the two pre-school kids, or the lovely husband or the bite of the recession. Whatever it is, I'm more content now than ever, and having a lovely Friday night.


Lory said...

That is so funny that you're happy your party was cancelled. Hope you get another!

Rebecca Johnson said...

Hahaha!!!! Me too.... I never would have thought as a teen I would be so passionately, madly obsessed with fabric and sewing.. And all things handmade. A couple years ago I went to my first craft show and I was hit like a ton of bricks!!! What joy comes from creating... Xx hope ur having a wonderful festive season xx love the bunting!! Xx

patchworkdelights said...

Oh my gosh, do we live in the same house!!! I actually cancelled going to our department xmas do 'cause I'd rather stay in and get some sewing done (for orders)! My kids feel like they have an extra sibling called "patchwork" living with them! Fi

Sarah Flynn said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one so! I have to say I deliberated about posting this, mostly because I was sure my friends would crack up when they read it!!