Sunday, February 24, 2013

Naptime Sewing

It's been a busy 6 weeks here, but I've managed to squeeze some sewing into R's nap time in the last week or so, and its amazing how great it makes me feel. I didn't realise how much I had missed the process of making things - it does my sanity good! It might seem like its impossible to sew with a new baby, but I am finding 15 minutes here and there and making progress steadily working in bite size chunks, so to speak!

When I was browsing around looking for cute tutorials to make things for R, I found a great tutorial to restyle a little girl's tshirt into a dress and decided to try it on a tshirt E has had in her wardrobe, unworn for months now. I haven't done any garment sewing in a long time, so it was fun to tackle a different project.

Ooops - of course, I discovered the reason she hasn't worn it when I started sewing - its more than a full size too big for her, but by the time she fits it, the Moshi Monsters will no doubt be last year's fad. So I kept going and added some ruffles. I used a knit, a cotton and a seersucker to give some different textures.


When I pinned this, I thought it would be a simple enough project, but I found sewing the ruffles on in layers a bit tricky. But I got there in the end and I think it turned out pretty cute.

Next I moved on to making something for my baby girl. When I saw the peasant dresses that Toni sewed for her baby girl last summer, I made a mental note to make some myself if I had a baby girl. So I ran up one in the last few days, using a pretty cotton print I found in the local fabric shop, and a little bit of one of my stash fabrics (Hope Valley I think?).


I used this free tute, although I might buy the pattern so I can size it up as its very pretty. I even added the ric rac edging!

The pattern is great and easy to make. The only thing I realised - at the very end - is that the sizing is quite small. I only noticed that even though its 0-3 months, its up to 12lbs - most of the 0-3 month clothing here in Ireland goes up to 13.5lbs at a minimum, even 14lbs sometimes.  Some my chubby little lady is already nearly at the weight limit and I'd say she'll get only a couple of wears out of it.... I'll just have to make another in a bigger size! :-)

The last project I've been working on is a tumbler quilt with my Posy charm packs. Here's a sneak peek...I have the tumblers all pieced and just need to add some borders to have a finished quilt top. I'm loving working on this and aiming to get it finished maybe next weekend, it will only be a small pram sized quilt but very pretty.

Getting the time to write posts and upload pics is still a bit of an effort, as is commenting on other blogs. But as I have my phone on me most of the time, I am snapping what I'm working on and posting it on Instagram (sewfairyface) and my FB page, and following others on the same apps that I can browse easily while cuddling or feeding a baby so if you want to keep up with me, you might like to follow me there. And if you leave your Instagram name or link to your FB page in the comments I'll be able to keep up easier with you too :-)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Catching up on some Bee blocks

I've finally managed to do a little bit of sewing when R has been napping in the last few days. It's so lovely to get my machine out again.

The very first job I had to do - before I started cutting into the Posy or Little Matryoshka fabrics I got to make stuff for R - was to catch up on some Bee blocks I was very behind on. The foggy haze of late pregnancy meant that I just couldn't do these before she arrived - I had no concentration whatsoever!

October Block 1

First up were some scrappy heart blocks for Karen. The first was a pieced scrappy heart, and the second could be anything we wanted along that theme. I really love the fabrics Karen picked, and for the second block I decided to do some applique hearts - they were fun to do and turned out as nicely as I hoped.

October Block 2

Next up were some scrappy triangles for Fiona. She sent us a little pile of scraps and asked us to make 3.5" equilateral triangles with them (paper pieced). I really had fun with these - I loved  choosing the fabrics, and they were really easy to run up. They're so vibrant and happy!

 January Blocks 1

Fiona wanted an extra triangle with our own scraps, and I had so many that I couldn't resist making 3. Aren't they pretty? And a fab way of using up scraps!

January Blocks 2

Now that I'm caught up - I'm ready to make February's blocks next - I can really start thinking about quilts. I feel like I might be able to finally get down on the floor to fix the basting mistake I made in D's quilt so that I can do the machine quilting in the ditch and then take it into the sofa to do the hand quilting here and there when R is napping. This quilt is sitting there since last summer and needs to be finished!f

Finished quilt top for my little boy - I'm in love with this one and so is he!!!#quilt #handmade

And of course, I need to start making a quilt for R - I have some Posy as you know, and also a FQ bundle of Little Matryoshka to play with. Can't wait to cut into it!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hanging out with my gorgeous girl

Life is good these last 3 weeks. My lovely baby girl already feels like she has always been here! With my older two in school every day, I am loving spending quality time with her, doing important things like tickling toes ❤❤

It's fab to have the benefit of having already had 2 other babies, and so knowing what I am doing (as much as you can really "know" with a brand new baby who has her own unique personality) but the luxury of having lots of one-to-one time with her.

R has such a content, sweet little personality she is easy to adore and I am completely in love with her!

Not much any sewing going on, but I did make some purchases to make some quilts for her when my machine comes out again, including a bundle of Little Matryoshka fat quarters (which should arrive next week) and these Posy charm packs which arrived today:

I am itching to get started sewing again - a sure sign I am beginning to feel like myself although what with all the time spent feeding and changing R, not to mention looking after my other 2 kids, I have a feeling it will be slower than I would hope!

Thank you all for the congratulations and good wishes on my last post. I haven't had a chance to reply to people individually but I loved reading them all xx