Interested in finding out more about me? Come into my virtual sewing space, and find out more.

I'm slightly (*ahem*) addicted to fabric and quilting. I love bright, modern fabrics. I love solids. I'm happiest when I'm piecing a new quilt top, I love the process of piecing and how the quilt starts to take shape. I adore hand quilting. I sew on a Pfaff Expression 2.0 which is a fabulous machine.

I like to make quilts and other projects from my own ideas and find the whole idea of design very attractive, although I have no formal training in it. I love putting together ideas for patterns, and seeing something I designed take shape. But I also love to discover inspirational bloggers and quilt designers and to try out different patterns to challenge my skills.

Modern quilting for me is all about clean, simple, minimalist lines and bold use of design and colour. It's functional and accessible. That's why I love it! I am one of the founding members of the Modern Quilters Ireland which was established in early 2012.

I live in Cork in the very south of Ireland with my hubbie and three kids. I am a working mum in a very busy job,  and quilting and blogging are my escape from the madness of everyday life. You'll rarely find photos of my family on this blog (or too much personal information) as its a craft diary, rather than a personal blog. But I hope you won't mind that too much!

I love to crochet and knit as well as sewing and quilting, although I find that the quilting can take over at times. I am a huge reader, and you'll rarely find me without my Kindle in my bag, or in whatever room I'm in at home.

If you want to know more, keep reading my blog. I love to hear your comments so please join in the banter!