Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Announcing a new Swap for the summer!

The Big Stitch Swap

Cindy and I are hosting a swap and we would just love if you would join us! We decided that we would do something which encompassed our love of hand stitching and The Big Stitch Swap was born.  The theme of the swap is that hand stitching of some variety is a significant contribution to the swapped item.  It can be embroidery, hand quilting, cross stitch...what ever floats your boat!

What to make, what to make?  Well, our suggestions would be something along the scale of a iPad cover, Kindle cover, a zippy pouch, a fancy notebook cover or a tote bag.  You get the idea, something that allows enough space to incorporate a stitched motif, or handquilting design. But not too big.  The only guideline is that your hand stitching has to be a significant portion and focal point of the item's design.  

Want to join in?  The swap is open to 40 people.  The only catch is you need to have participated in two other swaps before joining into this one.  If you have, just click here and complete our entry form.  We will then secretly assign partners.  Know that your partner is not necessarily making an item for you.  While you are waiting for your partner assignment, join into our Flickr group and start thinking about an inspirational mosaic like the one I have below.  I used Big Huge Labs for mine, but you can use what ever works for you.

Inspiration Mosaic - The Big Stitch Swap

The swap timeline is as follows:
- Signups open today (19 June) and will close on 27 June or when we reach 40 participants.
- Partner assignments will be distributed on 4 July (before my celebratory BBQ!)
- Posting dates are from 4-8 August depending on your postal system and where your partner lives.  

Cherry on the Tree Swing complete

As usual, we ask that everyone actively participate in Flickr conversation threads, drop hints on photo comments for your partner, etc.   If you have any questions before you sign up, please do ask!  Better to ask before you sign up than only makes my life more difficult to find a substitute if you drop out. There is a thread with full info over on the Flickr Group. And an every present button below, if you want to spread the word ;-)

We do hope you join us!  This will be so very fun!

The Big Stitch Swap