Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

This is a slightly guilty post! I have been nominated by no fewer than 5 great bloggers for the Stylish blogger award in recent weeks and promised them all that I would blog it shortly...but life and sewing seemed to always get in the way. So I want to begin by thanking those people - you should really head over and check out their blogs, they are simply fab!  They are: Mary Jo @ Crafter's Notebook, Val @ PinkPlease!, Becky @ My Fabric Obsession, Pam @ Quilting Square One and - last but not least a lovely new Irish blog - Marie @ Ree Raw

Part of the award is sharing 7 things about myself. As you know I'm a little reluctant to post too much personal info outside of my crafting on this blog but here's a little more info about me!

1.  I have only been crafting and sewing for 2.5 years.  I started teaching myself to knit when my daughter E was a baby in her quiet nap periods and quickly fell in love with all things crafty.I had never sat behind a sewing machine, not even in school, until I took up a night class in September 2008.

 2.  I sew on a gorgeous Pfaff Expression 2.0 machine which I bought last November. I just adore this machine, particularly compared to my previous machine which was an own brand basic entry level one from Lidl - although, I do have to say that that machine did serve me well as a total beginner. I'm still discovering lots about the Pfaff and love all the functionality and the precise controls on it. And it is perfect for quilting :-)

3. I have 2 gorgeous children, a little boy D who's almost 5 and a little girl E who just turned 3. There are only 20 months between them. I'm still in survival mode!

4. I played violin for many many years and was starting to prepare for a teacher's diploma when I found out I was pregnant with D and just couldn't manage the practice any more. It's something I would love to return to when my kids are older.

5. I am a voracious reader (most of the time!) My absolute favourite authors of the moment are Margaret Atwood, Maggie O'Farrell and Kate Atkinson. I'm also a big fantasy geek and have read The Lord of the Rings at least 20 times, and love discovering new series.

6. I work full time in an extremely busy job. People who know me through work are always shocked that I am "creative" in my personal life as they would see what I do as the antithesis of a creative job (and no, I'm not an accountant! :-))

7.  I am constantly frustrated by the limited ranges of fabric and quilting supplies available in Ireland. I buy almost all my fabric from the USA - particularly "designer" fabric. Certainly, it has improved in the last year, but don't get me started on the cost! I dream of being able to walk into a shop in Cork and being able to browse around through LOTS of lovely fabric and supplies and find what I want, at a reasonable cost. (Ooops, sorry, small rant there!)

The other part of this award is to nominate 6 other great blogs for it. I'm nominating these blogs as recipients for this award - they are all blogs that I have come across in recent months, that I really enjoy reading and get lots of inspiration from!

So there you go - some great long weekend reading for you! Enjoy! And thanks again to the lovely ladies who nominated me :-)


Pam said...

Thanks so much for playing and sharing!! Inspiration is endless in blogland..xoxxo

Bree said...

Thank you so much for including me! I feel honored to be among the others you chose. :)

It's always nice to learn a little more about everybody, I'm glad you shared some tid-bits!

felicity said...

Thank you so much for the nomination! I love discovering new blogs and sources of inspiration and I'm delighted to have been included on your list.