Saturday, September 10, 2011

Christmas Design Competition

Fancy winning a Memory Craft 5900QC (RRP £799) and having your tutorial published in Cloth Magazine?

Fiona over at the Sewing Directory has a fantastic competition running at the moment which is really worth checking out if you like to come up with your own designs/tutorials for your projects.

All you need to do is to submit a unique tutorial or pattern for making something related to Christmas, whether it is a Christmas decoration, stocking, advent calendar or something that could be given as a Christmas present.

All the info is available here. With the wintery start to September and my kids already busy writing their Santa list (what is that about???), this competition is a very timely one for me....... So, my creative buddies, get your pencils out and get working on your entry! Entries are open internationally although some of the prizes are only available to peeps in the UK and Ireland, and the deadline is 20th October 2011.
Have fun!!!!


Katy Cameron said...

Ugh, did you have to mention the 'C' word? o.O Still, the sewing machine does look nice... :oD

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

The second-generation spooky siblings are busy with the new Argos catalogue too; I, on the other hand don't want to think about it! Great competition x