Thursday, April 19, 2012

{Sew} Get Started: Wristlet/Pouch Tutorial

Today's tutorial is for a really versatile project - a zipped wristlet/pouch.Perfect for makeup, sewing notions or a little purse to bring shopping, and a brill last minute gift! I'm delighted to be introducing you to my friend Jenna who blogs at SewHappyGeek. She has lots of great giveaways and tutorials/patterns over there, plus lots of creativity on show every Monday in her Manic Monday linky party. And she's our swap mama in Sew Bee Blissful! She is a talented lady and a great source of inspiration - just check out this lovely mini quilt pattern!

This tutorial is part of the {Sew} Get Started: Beginner Sewing Tutorials series. To go to the master page with a full list of tutorials and links to past tutes, please click on the link.

FairyFace Designs

So, Jenna, it's over to you!

 Hello! I'm Jenna and I blog at I'm so pleased to be able to share this tutorial with you! Thanks so much Sarah! Every gal needs a wristlet or ten in her repetoire. They're easy to make and depending on what fabrics you use, can suit any outfit, from casual fun to formal. I made this one out of some fun London fabric I bought recently - I'm always a sucker for anything with London or a Union Jack on it. This wristlet ends up being about 8.5" x 5.5", and you could easily make it smaller or larger according to your own needs.


For this wristlet you'll need:
  • {2x} 6" x 9" pieces of exterior fabric and {2x} 6" x 9" of interior fabric
  • {2x} 5.5" x 8.5" of fusible fleece or fusible wadding
  • {1x} 2" x 12" for the wristlet handle
  • {1x} 11" or 12" zipper
  • Optional: 1 shape for applique - I drew around a cookie cutter onto Bond-A-Web and ironed it onto the back of a piece of fabric before cutting the shape out.
  • Basic sewing stuff - thread, machine, pins, etc.
Ok, I need to interject here - I forgot to trim my fusible fleece down to 5.5" x 8.5", so this is a case of Do What I Say, Not What I Foolishly Did. What you want to do is centre the fusible fleece onto the back of your exterior fabrics. Your exterior fabric should be 1/4" larger than the fleece on all sides.

Trust me.


If you want to applique a shape to an exterior piece, do that now by ironing it to the front and sewing around the edges to secure it.


Make the wristlet strap by first ironing it Wrong Sides Together (WST) in half, lengthways. Then open it up and carefully fold and press the edges in to meet in the middle:


Pin and edgestitch along both edges:


Set the strap aside for now. Take an interior piece RSU (right side up) and lay the zipper RSU along the top edge. Pin in a couple of places to keep everything straight. Now place an exterior piece WSU (wrong side up) and line up along the top edge with the interior piece. Pin carefully and adequately to keep it all in place, then edgestitch with about a 1/8" or so seam allowance all the way along the top.


Press the fabrics away from the zipper, as shown below.


 Now repeat that process along the other edge of the zipper. Interior right side up, then the halfway done unit (the exterior you've just pressed will be facing up), then place the other exterior WSU along the edge. Pin and carefully sew along the edge. When you've pressed it away, it'll look like this:


Pin the strap according to the instructions on the picture below, with raw edges aligned with the raw edge of the exterior. Make sure you only pin it to the exterior piece, NOT both the exterior and interior!

Now OPEN THE ZIPPER. Seriously. Do it now. Then, place the exterior pieces RST (right sides together) and the interior pieces RST and pin all around:


Start sewing with a 1/4" seam allowance where it says Start and finish where it says Finish. Backstitch at both ends so it doesn't unravel. Trim the ends of the zipper. Then press seams open. Now you can fold it all right side out by placing your hand through that little opening. Make sure you edgestitch that little interior opening closed so your stuff doesn't fall through!


Done! You've made a lovely little wristlet!


Thanks Jenna! Remember to add any wristlets you make from this tute to the Flickr group, and don't forget to pop back next week for Susan's Quilted Table Runner tutorial.


Annabella said...

You found your post (or you`ve written it again very quickly LOL)! Great tute Jenna and that strap gets me every time...tucked nicely in the lining!

Cherie said...

Love the pouch and it looks the perfect size. I've been looking for a tutorial and this one fits the bill =D

Katy Cameron said...

Fun wee wristlet :o)

Kathy said...

I've seen so many people having drawing for items they've made so I've decided I'd join in on the fun:) All you have to do is go to the Tooth Fairy Pillow Picture and comment on which one you like. Wed. 25th I'll put everyone's name in who left a comment and if I pull your name out I'll let you know and get your address and sent it to you! I'll also put it up on my blog so everyone will know who won. Good luck!

Susan said...

Wow! I love the fabric in the pouch- and I'm not even British!! Thanks for the tutorial!

Melissa said...

Great tutorial! I do little pouches the same way except I've never added a strap - need to do that!

Sallie said...

Great tutorial, Jenna! Love the fabric, too!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Oooh just spotted this - when I tried to load it before, the link wasn't working.

Cool pouch Jenna x

felicity said...

Oooh thanks for a lovely tutorial, Jenna!

Happy in red said...

Fabulous tutorial, thanx!
And where DID you buy this fabric? I LOVE it. Totally adore it!

Beth H said...

Wonderful! Thanks. I just made one of these in less than 30 minutes to go with a dress I plan to wear tomorrow.