Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back in Swapping mode!

It seems to be absolutely ages since I took part in a is ages. I think its well over a year - maybe the Mouthy Stitches swap last year was the last one I did? Anyway, I've been thinking recently that it was time to pull myself together from an organisation point of view and brave up to working to deadlines again. I still get weeks where I get no sewing done, but most of the swaps have good lead time, so if I amend my normal habit of leaving things to the very last minute taking a relaxed approach to timelines to making early in the swap, I should manage.

So, of course, being me, I couldn't just do what normal people do and take part in one at a time. No, I've jumped, feet first, into 2 swaps, one of which involves a technique I have no idea how to do and have no experience with. And the other where I am the swap mama. Sensible, no? But, sure, that's the fun, right?

The first swap is a Scrappy Pincushion swap. I am Swap Mama for this one (nothing like a bit of extra pressure, right? lol) I am running it on behalf of the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland, and it is an Irish swap. We are making cute little pincushions. I've made/received pincushions in quite a few swaps and they make a great swap item, so small that you can experiment and try something new and if it doesn't work, you can abandon it and start over without having wasted a lot of time or fabric. And pincushions can be so cute - have a look at my inspiration mosaic - I would just love to own any of these!

Pincushion favourite mosaic

If you're living in Ireland and want to participate in the Swap, there's still time to sign up. Pop over to this post on the MQG Ireland page, and join the Flickr group and you'll be in! If you're not a member of the MQG Ireland, please do consider joining. It is a fun group of peeps who connect and support each other, mostly online, and we have a lot of plans for the remainder of the year.

After I had set all that up, I was admiring Nicky's fabric stamping posts over on her blog and noticed she had set up a little swap for that too. Somehow, over the course of an email conversation with her, she cast some sort of a spell on me and I signed up for that too!

Stamp It Up!

We have to make a stamp ourselves (eeek!!!), stamp some fabric, and make something small for our partner. She assures me it is easy enough. I'm not totally convinced but willing to give it a try. Must go source some supplies. So I spent a pleasant few hours browsing around Flickr looking for ideas for an inspiration mosaic, and at the end of it, I am quite excited about giving this stamping lark a go - loads of possibilities! Here's my mosaic. I think there's lots of cuteness in there - in fact, I struggled to whittle down my choices!

Inspiration Mosaic - Stamp It UP

So wish me luck :-)

Ps - my mega giveaway for my 3 year blogiversary is here - open till Monday evening, be sure to enter to win lots of goodies!


Anorina @SameliasMum said...

LOL - sounds like me. Not swapping for ages and then jumping in, head first.

I do love the idea of your stamp swap. I'll be keeping an eye out to see what beautiful things you create.

Nicky said...

I am possibly a witch then!?

I would have joined your swap too - but the small problem of not actually being in Ireland is keeping sane!

Thank for joining in Sarah!

Katy Cameron said...

Good luck! I'm sure it will be fine :o)

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Love your mosaics and look forward to seeing your swaps!

cheeky monkey said...

Oh Nicky can be so good in forcing you to say yes! Both swaps will be fun and if you have a hint where to get the supplies for the stamp it up! .. please help me!

Cindy said...

Cool! We're swap buddies! I'm in both too :)

Paula said...

I too seem to have caught the swap bug at the moment. I'm loving your swaps, they both sound like great fun and i look forward to seeing how they go. I'd have loved to join the pin cushion one but there is the small problem of my not living in Ireland any more.

Indianna said...

Good luck with the swaps. The stamp one looks very interesting, good to think up something new and creative.