Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Fairy for my little Fairy

Last year I asked Kate to do me a custom embroidery design for my baby girl. I wanted a fairy chilling out under a toadstool. Naturally, she came through for me and I got a lovely pattern from her. But I ran into some problems with my eyes which impacted on my ability to do detailed work and had to put the stitching on hold for a few months.

But I finally was able to get moving on it in the last few weeks and I really love her. In the pattern she is reading a book and this is so appropriate for my littlest lady who adores her books; she sits on my knee every evening after dinner and we read all her books together. Then she moves over to sit on her daddy's knee and reads them all again! Even better,  Rachel is obsessed with her little fairy figures inherited from her big sister and her toadstool fairy house, she plays with them every day -they're the first thing she goes to when she comes downstairs every morning. I really love how this embroidery reflects her in so many ways, without it having set out to do so because it was done long before we knew these were things she would come to love. I can't wait to put it up on her wall.