Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy new year to me!

Today, I allowed myself a little retail indulgence with some of my Christmas vouchers and came home very excited with my purchases! I tried to do show and tell with Himself but he promptly hot-footed it out the door on an urgent errand to the..... credit union. So. Sitting here all alone (kids have childcare today, thank God, they needed the break from me more than I needed it from them! I never saw kids to run so fast in my life as they did this morning to greet their little friends :-) ) I thought I'd post a few pics of my purchases. Sharing is caring, right?? You'll be glad to know I didn't photo everything.

This is my favourite:

I love Amy Butler's bag designs and as well as the voucher I had to get it, it was 20% off! Bargain, right? (Cork ladies, Vibes and Scribes have 20% off all crafting books and have a brill selection!) Of course, then I had to go to Hickeys and pick up some Amy Butler fabric (sale there too of course!) I picked up this to make something from the book all for myself:

I know it looks a bit wonky in the photo, it was a bolt end so I got the extra bit (40cm, pretty decent!) for free. Wahoo!!!

I went to Eason's for a browse around and picked up another book, this time to help me be a more efficient person and eat better:

I thought it looked practical and lots of yummy recipes in there. I really need to cut back on the grocery bill so hoping the whole "economy gastronomy" thing works for me! I treated myself to a couple of magazines too

I love these 2 magazines and plan on sitting down with a cup of coffee in front of the fire later to read them.

I picked up other fabrics and quilt batting too but no pics today of those. Finally I got home to find a lovely package I ordered last week arrived:

Kate Spain's Fandango range charm pack for a quilt for our room. Love the colours in this one.

So there you go! Has anyone already got these books? If so, what do you think of them? Would love to hear your comments!


patchworkdelights said...

Wow you look like you had fun, tomorrow it's my turn heading into town!!!

Haven't purchased any of the books you mentioned but I have a couple of books on my Amazon wishlist so....

Nice purchases! Fi

Helen said...

Mrs Flynn, you have had the perfect day!

I am currently lusting after a pair of purple/peacock Dr. Martens. Totally impractical but I adore them!

I have also been frantically adding to my Amazon Wishlist with lots of cookery, knitting and sewing books. In fact Amy Butlers book is on the list! Dying to see the bag you make with the gorgeous material you bought!

Well done you on all your purchases!