Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cutting Edges

Its been a very productive evening in my kitchen! With my lovely hubbie occupied watching Man Utd's first game in the new Premiership season, and the kiddies in bed early, I was able to tackle into cutting my fabric for 4 projects I'm working on. I'm waiting (very impatiently) for some fabulous fabric to arrive from America for baby gifts and in the meantime I'm making tunic dresses - 1 for my little girl E (the blue flowery fabric), and one each for my friend's two girls F and N for their birthdays. Plus a tote bag for myself as a little treat in beautiful Cath Kidston striped fabric with baby pink and white bubble cotton to line it. I changed my mind at the last minute about which fabric to use for N's dress and decided to use a cute red cotton instead of the blue-based ladybird print I have. This meant I ended up struggling a bit to make the pink lining go far enough for 2 dresses but with a bit of creative laying out of the patterns I just about managed to do it. So I'm all ready to get sewing. The tunics are super easy to sew up and I will hopefully get some of them done tomorrow evening, considering we are going to visit my friend for N's birthday party at the weekend! I usually make the drawstring ties for the neckline from the dress fabric, but found some lovely ribbon in Vibes & Scribes on Sunday so I'm looking forward to see how that looks instead.

Meanwhile I'll keep a watchful eye out the window at work for the postman in the morning and hope that my minky arrives! I have 3 baby presents to make in the next week - I want to try the minky in the ribbon lovey blankets and see how that works compared to fleece which I usually use. As soon as the rest of the cotton comes I'll be starting some bunting for a boy's room, and I am trying to pick fabrics to do a buggy blanket - patchwork squares on one side and minky on the other. But now its time for bed considering that its a work night!
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