Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sew Cute!

Despite the fact that a distracted driver ran into the back of my car this morning, I managed to soldier on with a little tlc from my lovely hubbie and lots of sympathy at work. The fact that no major damage was done to me or the car helped too :-) I was afraid to sit over the machine for too long this evening though, as my back was quite stiff from the jolt, so limited myself to finishing off E's tunic. I love the finished result. The fabric is really fresh and clean looking and the blue and green combination is a nice change for my little pink girlie! This tunic was inspired by an Emma Hardy pattern in her book "Making Children's Clothes". But I had to take her basic idea and adjust it quite a bit to size it up, and I changed the trimmings too. I found fab trimming in Vibes & Scribes on Sunday in teal and I think it works really well. I gathered up the trimming to make a little rosette, and found a button in exactly the right green in my button box to finish it off. The button was one I cut off a little cardi E wore last year. In fact, my best source of cute kids buttons is old, worn out clothes - I cut all the buttons off and then recycle them!

This tunic is great for a pre-schooler. It fulfills my daughter's absolute need to wear something pretty and girlie (read: wear dresses at all costs!) and my need to dress her in jeans, long sleeve t-shirts and other dark, practical clothing as opposed to light coloured, impossible to keep clean and quick-to-bobble tights. I usually slip these tunics over jeans and a top and it is both funky and pretty.

I didn't manage to get F and N's tunics started though. Eeek! I'll have to figure something out!
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