Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Did I mention I love quilting books?

So today was a happy day, because not one, but two stunners arrived in the post.


I order Sarah Fielke's new book Handquilted with Love a couple of weeks ago and have been anxiously watching out the window early each morning since hoping the postman would arrive with it in hand. Today, finally, the van stopped outside my house and I opened the door before he could even knock. And I was not disappointed.

String Sane

The Made to Measure quilt on the cover  is what drew me to it - but there are even more beautiful treasures inside. I took some pics of a few of my favourites - just a few, I love pretty much every quilt in there.

Ups and Downs

This book is stunning. I love quilting books but sometimes I love just looking at them and end up feeling I wouldn't/couldn't actually make any of the patterns for myself. But this is not one of those books. There is just one gorgeous pattern after another all the way through. It's fab.

Lady Marmalade

 My biggest issue now is - which one am I going to make first?


I really can't decide! I think I need a few more days poring over it to decide. Whatever one I pick, I have no doubt that any of these patterns would be perfectly suited to reducing the size of my overflowing scrap box. 2013 is going to be a stash busting year for me, I'm on a mission to clear out my mahooosive stash as much as I can! (Of which, more anon...)

The Bass Line

I also got a book which I have had on my wish list for a very, very long time. Free motion quilting is something that I can do in the most basic of fashions, but I'm tired of looking at fabulous quilting on other people's blogs and not being able to even attempt it. After finding a project that I made a complete mess of last year attempting to pebble quilt it, I decided to order it at the same time.

When the kids were in their music lesson today and I was sitting in the car for half an hour, I sat and started reading it. I am SO thrilled I got this book. It is inspiring and practical in equal measure and I can't wait to start trying some of the patterns.

Check back in tomorrow when I am doing a small giveaway to help my destash process and celebrate the fact that my "sewjo" is back! In fact, I'm doing 2 giveaways. The first is currently running over on my Facebook page for 4 bright and cheerful FQs so pop over there to enter that. And I more to give away here tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you!


Lynne said...

Some great inspiration there!

Deborah said...

the Sarah Fielke book looks fantastic - thanks for sharing the photos - you may have just persuaded me to buy it!

diane said...

I'm a book quilt lover too. Sarah's book is so good. It might be one of my favorites, ever!

Mack and Mabel said...

I'm so envious. I have this book on order and its taking its time! I bought it on the basis of the front cover and favourable blog land comments. Now I've seen your photos I can't wait for it to arrive. They are all gorgeous quilts ;)

Kirsten said...

These books look like they are full of inspiring projects!

cheeky monkey said...

The books look great. I love all the quilts you show. I just did the first steps in FMQ and I am so far away from patterns.

Flying Blind... said...

That book is n my birthday list now for sure xxx

Di said...

I have just received that book through the post and it is just full of beautiful quilts and inspiration. Have fun.
Di x

Annabella said...

Okay I may just have to order the first one right now! No-one has said anything but amazing things about it. Like you, I usually use quilting books for inspiration and just drool over the eye candy in them. Great that sewjo is back!!

Dianne Neale said...

I love quilting books. I take one to read in bed most nights! Therefore I need as many as possible!

Nicky said...

Me too! Got the Angela Walter one and keep using her motifs! They are fun and easy - well the ones I do - some are more complicated and will need practice! Great choice!

Not got the other yet - so inspire me by getting started on one or indeed all of them!

Sarah said...

Oh no, stoppit... I'm trying really hard NOT to buy more quilty books but that one looks soooo cool!

Yon Quilting Wife said...

Some crackers there.