Thursday, April 25, 2013

To Boston with Love

To Boston With Love 

The events in Boston in the last week have been truly shocking. That's why, when I saw the project being coordinated by the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild to make flags for an exhibition, I immediately wanted to take part - its good to feel like you can do something small that might, in some small way, help.

This is a collaborative project to make flags to be displayed in an exhibition in June. There are loads of tutorials on the Vancouver Modern Quilt guild website, or its really easy to make your own. Mine was a very simple little applique heart, made of a few 5" x 1.5" strips of fabric pieced together, then cut into a heart using a template from the heart shape in Microsoft Word. All I had to do then was fuse it to my white fabric and zig zag the edges.

I am coordinating the flags for the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland, and I will also accept flags from any individual based in Ireland who wants to send one, even if they are not a member. The guidelines for colour palette, size, binding tie etc are here. They are a quick and fun project to make so I hope you'll join me! If you want to contribute a flag to reach me before 13th May, please comment below or email me at fairyfacedesigns at gmail dot com for my address and I can send you more details.


Judith, Belfast said...

Beautiful! Got mine done today too - will be in the post to you tomorrow! Jxo

Serena Edwards said...

Such a happy looking flag. I've just sent mine to Amy too :)

Lynne said...

Very pretty!

diane said...

perfect. It's always nice to see the world come together, it's just too bad it takes a tragedy to get it in the public eye. We as quilters know it happens even when there is not a tragedy

Anonymous said...

just beautiful ! ♥