Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sweet Baby Burp Cloths

During the week, one of my small girl's best friends, who lives a few doors down from us, got a new baby brother. This was cause for a LOT of excitement on my daughter's part - not least because, being in possession of a 15 month old sister, she sees herself as something of an authority on babies.

So I wanted to make a little present for her to give to her friend for the new baby, somethng that she could help me make. I had some cute little boy fabrics, but not in huge quantities and I decided that a set of burp cloths might fit the bill. I made some of these for myself last year before I had baby R and I used them loads. I made some with towelling backing, and some with flannel backing, and I much preferred the flannel, their shape held up much better to frequent washing and they were light and easy to use.

So I got cutting and then I had a small girl help me sew them together.

Aren't they cute? I used blue dotty flannel on the back, and topstitched 3 rows around the edges to give them a nice finish. They measure 17" x 10", a great size for mopping up after baby. They're all ready for the small girl to give to her friend tomorrow.