Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sew Get Started: Simple Baby Burp Cloths Tutorial

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had fun making some napkins last week! This week I am delighted to welcome a fellow member of the Sew Irish group, Irina, who has written a great tute on simple baby burp cloths. Irina is multi talented; she quilts, sews, knits and bakes ..not to mention being a busy mum! Pop over and say hello on her blog el petit taller, and check out her lovely projects. This gorgeous basket is one of my faves and I am determined to try and make one similar to use as a peg basket before the summer:

So, are you keen to get started? Do you have a new baby arriving into your or a friend's life soon? These will make perfect little gifts and are a really fun make.

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This tutorial is part of the {Sew} Get Started: Beginner Sewing Tutorials series.


Hello! My name is Irina and I like sewing, knitting, crafting, cooking, blogging... the list goes on! I am originally from Barcelona but I have been living in the west coast of Ireland for about 10 years. I work as a social carer and I am the proud mama of the most beautiful wee girl, Hana, and a little boy who is going to show up in May. 

I was very happy and excited when Sarah asked me if I wanted to share a  tutorial for this series. This is the first time I'm a guest contributing with a tutorial! so here I am with a very easy and quick little project: Baby burp cloths.

There are hundreds of tutorials for burp cloths out there, but I felt the need of having something small and practical that would even fit in the small pocket of my bag. These are the size of a wash cloth (about 10"x11") and they were really useful to me (of course I would still use the huge muslin cloths... but these tiny fellas were a hit!)

You can always make them in any size you need. Here I show you how:

 washed and ironed wash cloths
(I used these from IKEA)
100% cotton fabric
(I used Riley Blake's Happier - Bugs White, Bugs Blue, Birds White and Alenxander Henry's Goo Goo Gear)
coordinating thread

Cut the binding off the wash cloths and press

Cut a piece of the same size of the cotton fabric
Place it right side facing down and pin 

Stitch all around leaving a seam of 1/2", making sure you leave a gap of about 4"

Remember to back-stitch at the beginning and end of your stitching

Cut the corners so it will lay nice and flat when you turn it inside out

Turn the cloth inside out through the gap making sure the edges are pointing out (I used a pencil)and press

If you are using labels, now it is the time to insert one between the opening. Arrange the opening seam inwards following the stitching

Topstitch all around, making sure you close the opening and your label is sewn in. You can use a normal straight stitch or try a zig-zag:

They make great little gifts 
and you can make a good pile in no time.
When you get more experienced, 
you could add some appliqué or ric-rac all around...
I'd love to see your creations 
so pop over to El Petit Taller 
and leave your link!

Thanks so much to Irina for that great tutorial. Don't forget to pop up photos of any you make in the Flickr group, and I'm looking forward to seeing you back here next Thursday for a Baby Pram Blanket tutorial.

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Sheila said...

Think I might knock a few of these up for my upcoming grand child - so much prettier than a plain flannel too.

Nicky said...

Love this idea and even know a baby who could use them!

Emma said...

I love these, so simple!

Anonymous said...

Where can I get labels would love to get my own made up.

Love these burp cloths can't wait to get started on them.